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See some projects of work boats of different types, in steel, aluminium or fibreglass...

Work boats

Fast aluminium built 76 passenger +3 crew tourist trip passenger vessel engineered by Isonaval & built by Moggaro aluminium boats. Delivered summer 2016 in beautiful Palma de Mallorca

Fast aluminium 50 passenger + 3 crew tourist excusrsion boat, engineered by Isonaval for Moggaro aluminium boats. delivered summer 2015 to Alcudia in Palma de Mallorca - Spain

Aluminum Boat beacon work and underwater work classified in class Twith dual inboard Volvo engine.

Boat for coastal surveillance, classified in class T constructed from aluminum and with dual  inboard Cummins engine 

with Hamilton jetthrusters.

Aluminum catamaran Volvo IPS propulsion and dynamic positioning.  

(Hybrid) River boat for sightseeing, with electric motor, with capacity for38 passengers and two crew.

Robust aluminum boat with inboard diesel for various tasks in ports.

Steel boat collecting floating waste in port areas and sheltered waters.

Steel Vessel odd jobs. Engineered for GHI of South Korea.

Fast boat aluminum monocoque with pilotina bow and designed especially for diving clubs and centers. 

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