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Registration Projects and CE Marking

All pleasure boats that are to be commercialized in the European Union, and registered in a member country, need the CE marking from a Notified Body.


In order that the Notified Body can evaluate the conformity of the craft with the ISO rules of application, a technical detailed memory (with calculations, plans and schematics) is necessary .


ISONAVAL can elaborate the technical documentation that is necessary for the CE marking.

If we want to register in any country of the U.E., a second hand craft proceeding from a non community country, we will have to fulfil a CE marking of postconstruction. If the craft comes from a community country, in some cases the accomplishment of a project as established by the R.D. 1435/2010 is required.


Do not hesitate to consult ISONAVAL regarding the details that involved for the accomplishment of a CE marking or a registration project of a second hand craft, and we will advise you of the best possible option.

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